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Facts about stillbirth
1)20% of stillborn piglets are dead even before the expulsion process. 80% die during or just after birth.
2)As the farrowing time rises from 1 hour to 8 hours, stillbirths rise from 2.5% to 10.5%.
3)The lastborn piglet has less than a 50% chance of surviving to weaning.
4)The interval between piglets is normally up to 15 minutes. Stillborn piglets often take 45 to   60 minutes to emerge.

5)More than 80% of stillborn piglets are in the last third of the litter.

A yellow-smeared piglet signals a slow birth.This piglet has defecated in the amniotic fluid during its expulsion.The slower the birth, the greater the risk of oxygen deprivation. The consequences are stillbirth or a piglet with oxygen deficiency: its blood is acidic, with high levels of lactic acid and carbon dioxide. Such piglets are more sluggish and slower to drink colostrum. The body temperature on the first day after birth is a degree of two lower than that of piglets who had a quick birth.

The hormone oxytocin is often used to shorten the length of farrowing. However, if used incorrectly it can have a contrary effect: it causes the muscles of the uterus to contract, resulting in piglets becoming stuck in the birth canal. Use no more than 0.5 to 1 ml each time, up to three times in succession with an interval of 1 hour between injections. Examine the sow first. And don't use long-acting oxytocin during farrowing.