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Indonesia Guests Visit and Communicate with Wellhope Group and Fame Biotechnology Company

Author:Zheng Sui, Ph.D, Technical Manager, Shenyang Fame Biotechnology Company

February 6, 2017, Pak Tony, Chairman of Indonesia Mulia Profeed Group, Pak Proyogo and Pak Prasojo, GM of Mulia Profeed Group visited Wellhope Group. Ding Yunfeng, President of Wellhope, Wei Yanjin, President of Related Business, Meng Xia, CFO of Related Business, Zhang Jianping, Indonesia GSM of Related Business, Xu Xin, Indonesia Sales Manager of Related Business, Zhang Tuo, HR Manager, Tang Riyi, PhD, Product Manager for Veterinary Medicine, Wang Lijuan, Product Manager for Enzyme Feed Additives, Zheng Sui, PhD, Product Manager for Probiotic Feed Additives, Zhang Xin and Yang Xiaobo, Technical Assistant, gave receptions and communicated with guests.
Mulia Profeed Group is a corn and rice trade group with 30 years history, including trade business, logistics business, food business, feed business and breeding business. It is a major supplier of raw materials suppliers for CP, CJ, Carjill and New Hope Group in Indonesia. It has sustained and rapid development of business and very good reputation. In order to have further development in feed and breeding aera, they came to the Northeast China and seek cooperation opportunities with Wellhope Group.

President Ding warmly welcome the guests from afar at downstairs of Headquarters. They visited the Wellhope exhibition hall after a brief conversation.

Zhang Xin introduced Wellhope group's development history, corporate breeding, organizational structure, to the guests with English. We had a very active communication, and they praised the great achievements made by Wellhope group after understanding the development process of Wellhope in detail.

Subsequently, the two sides held talks at the headquarters of the meeting room, around feed, breeding, veterinary medicine, feed additives, and equipment with full exchange. Both President Ding and partners affirmed the future cooperation between us.

February 7, 2017, guests visited workshop of Fame Biotechnology Company. Liu Zhiyong, GM and the relevant technical staff carried out a detailed discussion on the company's business model, foreign trade situation, product features. We obtained the positive and in-depth understanding from guests. We believe that will be unlimited prospects for cooperation in the near future.