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echnical Communication between Shenyang Fame Biotechnology Company and Korea Unphung Joint Venture Company

Author: Sun Yingxue, R&D Manager Assistant, Shenyang Fame Biotechnology Company

On December 8th ,2017, Mr. Jin Hu from International Division with four partners from Korea Unphung to Shenyang Fame Biotechnology Company conducted which technical exchange meeting. The meeting was attended by Senior Product Manager, Miss Wang Lijuan, Dr. Zheng Sui and Mr. Cao Yanfeng, R&D Manager Assistant, Zhang Xin, Sun Yingxue. The meeting mainly takes the form of PPT presentation and communicate at all times. The teacher Jin was translate throughout the meeting. 
Miss Wang first explained, she introduced the acidizing agent, sweetener and compound enzyme products, respectively from the product category, characteristics, composition, and additive amount. To highlight the practical characteristics of the product, she combines the real case of the market with the experimental data. Then, Dr Zheng introduced Mycotoxin Binder, Iprobiotic and veterinary drugs producte, and explained the harm of mycotoxin to domestic animals in detail from the mechanism of action, the characteristics and dosage of microorganisms were introduced in a vivid example and contrasted with the mechanism of antibiotic action. He introduced the product characteristics and additive amount of Mycotoxin Binder, Iprobiotic and classification and features of veterinary drugs respectively. The partners for Korea Unphung listened carefully and asked questions about what they don’t understand, several teachers explained it carefully. The meeting was serious and enthusiastic.
After the meeting, the participants took a group photo. It is believed that through this technical exchange meeting, we will not only technically improved, but also will help us to cooperate better in the future. 

Picture 1  Miss Wang introduced the acidizing agent, sweetener and compound enzyme products

Picture 2  Dr.Zheng introduced the Mycotoxin Binder, Iprobiotic and veterinary drugs products

Picture 3  Took photos after the meeting