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Congratulate Wellhope become a public company

At 9:25 am, August 8, 2014, Wellhope Agri-Tech Joint Stock Co., Ltd. officially declared to be listed in SSE(Shanghai Stock Exchange), the first trading day begun with powerful sound of gong.

Wellhope stock information

Chairman Mr. Jin Weidong, Deputy Mayor Mr. Huang Kai, beat the gong to declare listing

Deputy Mayor Mr. Huang Kai

During the listing ceremony, Mr. Huang Kai, Deputy Mayor of Shenyang city, delivered a speech, congratulated on Wellhope’s IPO in the A share market.

President of Guangfa Security, Mr. Lin Zhihai  

Mr. Lin Zhihai, President of Guangfa Security, delivered a speech , expressed that Guangfa Security felt Wellhope’s spirit of innovation and focused development strategy, Guangfa Security  had confidence in Wellhope’s future.

Chairman Mr. Jin Weidong

Mr. Jin Weidong, Wellhope’s Chairman, said that, ‘IPO is an opportunity, Wellhope will continue to strengthen management, constantly pursue technical innovation, develop new markets. We are convinced Wellhope will realize leap-forward development by our hard work and perseverance, return the shareholders, investors and all the supporters, contribute to the society by more excellent achievement.

Signing the Listing Agreement

In the meantime, Mr. Jin Weidong and Mr. Liu Shi’an, Deputy General Manager of SSE, signed the Listing Agreement, and exchanged the souvenirs. Wellhope presented the Jade carving, special local product of Liaoning province, which meant dignity, fortune, riches and honour. SSE presented the opening gong, meant Wellhope’s stock price will rise and rise.

 Jade Carving

Jade Carving

Opening Gong

Wellhope’s managers and guests

 First surged limit


Within only 10 minutes, Wellhope’s stock price has increased to 8.47 yuan per share, grew 44%, the shares surged limit for the first time in the first trading day.
Let’s look forward to a much brilliant future of Wellhope.